Frequently  Asked Questions.

 Is my land developed as a private freehold plot?

– Yes, all our land plots are developed as private land with their own Title Deed. (Chanote land document).


Is there a Building Permit for the property?

– All our properties have their own individual Building Permit.


Can I, as a non-Thai national, own land in Thailand?

– No, not as an individual as it is illegal under Thai Law. The most common ways to own/possess land is through Thai Companies or Leasing Contracts. See Ownership for further details.


Can I, as a non-Thai national, own apartment in Thailand?

– Yes, you can as non-Thai nationals are legally able to own their apartment in Thailand. See Ownership for further details.


Can I insure my house in Thailand?

– Yes, insurance is available in Thailand. We are happy to offer professional advice and recommend English-speaking Insurance Brokers.


What are the average monthly costs for a house or apartment in Thailand?

– Monthly costs range between 1000 THB – 6000 THB and depends on how many people live in the property and if you choose to engage services for security, gardening, cleaning, etc.


Can you help me with renting out my property?

– We are happy to help and offer professional advice with the rental management of houses and apartments.


Can I arrange installment payments from another country other than Thailand?

– You can arrange and manage all on-going cost payments from any Bank in any country with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to any Thai Bank.

House and apartments in Thailand-Sunshinehouse


Sunshine House Co., Ltd. is a company under Western Management and has been operating in Thailand since 2008. Real estate is one of our main business areas with property, development, house, condos, land and rental in the Rayong, Ban Phe and Mae Phim areas.
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