LakeView Invest

Now we offer the opportunity to become an exclusive partner in LakeView Wellness.


We can now offer a number of people to become part owners of LakeView Wellness with several benefits.

LakeView Wellness is located between the two largest hotels in the area, the Marriott Hotel and the Sheraton Hotel. LakeView Wellness will not only become the area's largest gym but also the most attractive and well-maintained, located next to a beautiful lake.

In this soothing and beautiful environment we will, in addition to the gym, have several roofed outdoor activities such as yoga, cross-fit, chalestenic, martial arts, climbing wall and massage.

LakeView Wellness also houses a shop aimed at training, serving and places to hang out in one relaxed environment.



The possibilities with a larger facility in the area are many, we will create an appeal to the area's population where we turn to both the local population and tourists. We will organize training trips with the possibility of combined accommodation and training and offer different training arrangements. Several stakeholders to organize group travel already exist and we are experiencing a growing interest in wellbeing, both from abroad and locally.

Locally, we will work for larger companies with wellness solutions, packages for the entire company's staff, which will increase as part of the personnel care in Thailand. Primarily to the different hotels in the area that have a large staff. Secondary to the larger companies that are a little further away but do not have good training opportunities for their staff. With the height of local and different types of offerings, we know that this will be attractive, which creates a stable and safe economy for the full year.

A part ownership with many advantages


As a partner in LakeView Wellness, you will receive a VIP membership and can use all facilities with a 24-hour training opportunity. You also receive a 10% discount on all purchases in store, serving and on courses.

VIP access is linked to your partnership and you will therefore have VIP access as long as you want to keep your partnership. Do you want to sell your share in the future VIP access to the new owners.

We offer 3 different types of partnership

Ownership 1 - Investment

For those who want to invest in LakeView Wellness as a pure investment and receive annual dividends on profits.


        160,000 thb 0,5% in the company (500 shares)

Ownership 2 - VIP

You receive annual grants on profit and VIP access that includes 24-hour training and 10% on purchases and courses.


        210,000 thb 0,5% in the company (500 shares)

Ownership 3 - VIP Family

You receive annual grants on profit and VIP access that includes 24-hour training and 10% on purchases and courses. This also applies to your closest (4 people).


        250,000 thb 0,5% in the company (500 shares)

How do I go about?

Step 1

Decide what type of partnership you are interested in and number of items. Send an email to the address below

Step 2

We send you a contract to fill in which you then send back and attaches;

• Signed copy of passport • Transfer receipt

Step 3

We confirm your investment by email and will send an owner certificate as separate letter when most of the items are sold.

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