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LakeView Resident 

We are proud to present LakeView Residence, a few kilometers from Ban Phe. LakeView offers a unique view by the side of a made, and private, lake. Looking out you´ll see the wooded and green hills just before the wast ocean only 800 meters away.
The project consists of 6 contemporary villas and 5 terassed houses with sustainable options and a planned wellness centre only steps away from your front door.


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Project view

LakeView consists of 6 contemporary villas with 2 different house sizes and 5 apartments. Opposite the villas there will be a Wellness Centre with gym and a variety of exercise possibilities as well as outdoor training.

A1-A6: 330 sqm plot. 1.189.000 THB

We offer 2 choices of villas with eco options as well as outdoor pool and larger terrace with sala on the lake.

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Now we offer the opportunity to become an exclusive partner in LakeView Wellness.


We can now offer a number of people to become part owners of LakeView Wellness with several benefits.


As a partner in LakeView Wellness, you will receive a VIP membership and can use all facilities with a 24-hour training opportunity. You also receive a 10% discount on all purchases in store, serving and on courses.

House Types LakeView


Grand Lake Villa - 2 floor

Beautiful villa designed with focus on space, light, comfort and comfortable accommodation.

Plot A1-A6 start from 3,578,000 THB

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Lake Villa - 1 floor

The house consists of a large room with an open kitchen combined with a dining area. There is a glass wall with a door directly onto the terrace. The ambiance wich the windows creates makes the house feel large and bright.


Plot A1-A6 start from 2,878,000 THB


LakeView Terraced House

A well sized terraced house perfect for a family designed with focus on comfort in spacoius atmosphere.

Start from 2,290,000 THB

LakeView area management

In the LakeView area there will be 6 beautiful villas and 5 well-appointed apartments in modern style. The service charge for the area as a whole is shared by all owners of the properties. The service charge per unit is 950 thb per month.

The service charge includes refuse collection and maintenance of roads and plants. Waste separation will be available with separate vessels for plastic, household waste and food waste.

Via the reception of LakeView Wellness you will be able to book a taxi, pick up/drop off laundry, book cleaning and other services.
Electricity and water are measured separately on each property and invoiced directly to that property. All payments can be made via direct debit from home country if you are not resident in Thailand.


The manufactured lake outside the houses has clean & clear water and fish will be planted to give life to the lake. There are several species of fish that would fit in the lake, which also keeps down any mosquito stock. The water in the lake is fresh water / rainwater and is filtered through the sand to a nearby treatment plant.

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Rental of your property

We will help you with the rental of your property if desired, when you are not in place. This is both a good profit and it keeps the property in good condition, especially if you do not use it for long periods. Maid service is another option.

Your tenants will have access to everything LakeView Wellness offers at normal rates. The proximity to our wellness makes renting more exclusive, which also has a positive effect on pricing from an ownership perspective.


eco Options

If you want to reduce your running costs, we can help with the installation of solar cells.

If you want to get drinking water directly in the tap, we will also solve this. The treatment plant can easily be placed under the sink and takes little space. Instead of buying water bottles and saving on plastic, this is something we recommend.
Replacement of filters is dependent on use but about once a year with a cost of a few hundred thb is normal.

Our area

Only 2 hours drive south of Bangkok, you´ll find Rayong´s Riviera. A popular tourist area for Thai people from Bangkok and other places as well as foreigners. This means you´ll find the genuine Thailand in these parts. Beautiful and quiet places, good prices and excellent seafood at many local restaurants. The area holds beautiful beaches like Chakpong, Mae Phim and Suan Son beach. Here you will find beaches that suits all tastes. Trips to beautiful islands such as the popular Koh Samet and and also a number of new exiting boat trips gives room for a variety of experiences.


Since the area is undergoing much development in infrastructure, as the new international airport (U Tapao), new highway and trains, the access is further improving. More variety in activities are coming up and a larger focus on sustainable development is occurring. There are a multitude of golf courses within a few hours of LakeView. The nearest is The Emerald Golf Club about 1 hour drive away.


LakeView is located by a private lake between Ban Phe and Laem Mae Phim. About 12 km from the town of Ban Phe. In this area you also find the best hotels like Marriot, Novotel, Centara and the upcoming Sheraton which you can see from LakeView in the distance.

Your investment,

Your investment in Thailand must be safe. We have many years’ experience is selling to foreigners and Thai. In our earlier projects both foreigners and Thai´s have bought villas and apartments. We will assist you every step of the way to ensure your ownership is correct and safe for you and your family.
Positive regulation changes are in the making for foreigners in Rayong province. We will inform you as soon as this is confirmed and set in motion by the Thai authorities. To invest in Rayong today is therefore a good idea!

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Quality of construction 

We strive after good quality in construction and are working with solutions for a future eco-friendly world. Ask us about solar energy and more.

A few bullet points regarding construction

• We use 10cm siporex (q-con) in the walls as standard. This provides a significantly better isolation value and durability.


• All our houses are built with cast hammers and galvanized steel roof bars to avoid rust and provide a hassle-free roof structure.


• As a part in a well insolated house we construct all roofs with natural draft.


• We use Jotun colour as the due to it´s perfect properties in this climate.

Your investment, 

The area of Rayong is developing, still offering the old feel of Thailand along new activities opening on a regular basis as well as large investments in infrastructure. U Tapao airport is already open for international flights with Qatar airways to Rayong (from most of the world). You can also fly around Thailand and Southeast Asia with Bangkok Airways and Air Asia.


The surrounding area has become a popular area for both thai´s and westerners to invest in housing and business and will continue to be popular in many years to come.

Abot us

Behind LakeView project is Sunshine House and NuVue. Sunshine House have been working in the area for the past 10 years with both own projects as well as design and construction for clients.
NuVue is an investment and development company within different fields with sustainable solutions as a core value.

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