Rayong and surroundings!

Rayong province is located in south-eastern Thailand about 200 kilometers from Bangkok. It is about a 2 hour drive from Bangkok to Rayong.

Rayong has become so popular with both expatriates and tourists due to Rayong’s central location. and amazing beaches. Rayong is close to both Pattaya and Bangkok.

Popular places in Rayong
The beautiful island of Koh Samet is one of the most famous excursion destinations in Rayong. Ban Phe and Mae Phim are also very popular destinations. If you follow the beach road between Ban Phe and Mae Phim you will see this area is in an expansive phase with both hotels and housing projects under construction.

Shopping in rayong

The best shopping in Rayong is in Rayong City. At the major shopping centers in Rayong you will find among other stores – Laem Thong, Big C, IT City, DIY stores, Global House and Home Pro. There are also a range of markets in Rayong.

Klang offers shopping centers, although not as developed as in Rayong but you should be able to find most items that you need.

In the smaller towns like Ban Phe and Mae Phim you will find more basic shopping, some tourist shops and shops aimed at the local population. The markets in Ban Phe and Mae Phim feature a large range of food and household items.

About Rayong

Rayong City is is a modern metropolis offering shopping centers, hospitals, international schools and other services.

The climate in Rayong is very pleasant with an average temperature of about 30 degrees. South-eastern Thailand tends to have only one monsoon per year, which means that it rains much less in Rayong than elsewhere in southern Thailand.


Rayong province has an area of 3552 km² and a population of 546,570 inhabitants according to the 2002 estimate.

Koh samet

The beautiful island of Koh Samet is visited by more than 800,000 tourists each year. For those who like tropical beaches, sun and sea in a beautiful environment a visit to Koh Samet is a must.

There are regular boat services to Koh Samet from the small port town of Ban Phe.


Ban Phe

In recent years, the small fishing village of Ban Phe has developed from a small fishing village into a beautiful town with shops such as Macro and Tesco Lotus. The old parts of town have been preserved, with the fish market in its original condition featuring genuine Thai wooden buildings.

Ban Phe has a wide range of restaurants – both authentic Thai and Western restaurants.

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